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Helping You Communicate Clearly With Your Dog

We are excited to provide Richmond City and the surrounding areas with premier dog training knowledge. We offer custom personalized dog training programs designed to fit your dog’s needs. Every dog is different so each program is personalized to maximize the benefits for your dog. Understanding how to interact with your dog will help your dog become more confident and less stressed as well as having a higher quality of life for your family. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Training a Puppy


Your trainer will pick up your dog from your home every day, Monday through Friday, at a scheduled time and drop them back off after spending the day training. You will receive daily reports on how your dog is progressing in their training program. At the end of the week, you will have a scheduled lesson with your trainer to go over everything your dog has learned. 

This is an ideal option if your dog needs to learn basic commands or needs work around other dogs, bikers, runners, and heavy distractions in general.


Board and Train is our most immersive Dog Training Program. Your dog will live with the trainer for 1 to 3 weeks depending on your goals. The trainer will work on basic commands as well as house training goals such as not jumping on guests when they enter the room, counter surfing, begging, bolting through doors, etc. Your dog will learn how to respect boundaries as well as form responsive listening skills to keep them safe and enjoyable to have around!  At the end of each week, your trainer will bring your dog home and you will have a training lesson to go over all of the commands and behaviors your dog worked on during their stay. These lessons help transfer the training to the owner and allow you to clearly understand how to maintain your dog's training skills long term.  

This program is designed to run Monday through Friday and your dog gets to go home over the weekend!

Image by Taylor Kopel


Meet with your trainer at the location of your choosing for a 1 hour coaching session. In these sessions you will work on training techniques to help you achieve your dog behavior training goals. These lessons are designed to teach you how to be working with your dog during training sessions at home in-between the times we meet for lessons.


Your trainer will come to your house at a scheduled time for 1 hour per day, Monday through Friday, to train your dog. At the end of each week, you and your trainer will have an hour-long training lesson to teach you what your dog has learned during the week, as well as guidance on how to make sure you are successful even when your trainer is not present.  

This is a great program if you do not have the time to train your dog but are willing to follow through with the training consistently when the trainer is not there. You will be required to follow through with the instructions from your trainer to be successful with this program. 

Tug of War


Does your dog need a tune up? Refresher training is designed to help your dog brush up on any training commands or behaviors previously learned. This program allows you to book 1-5 days of Day Train or Board and Train.

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